The Keen Shot's Miscellany

The Keen Shot's Miscellany

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The Keen Shot's Miscellany is a collection of 300 entries on the subject of game shooting past and present

Articles range from short snippets containing irresistible information such as the fact that a shotgun should weight six pounds for every ounce of shot is is likely to fire

To 1,000 words on sculptor Sir Francis Chantrey's right and left of woodcock with one barrel, the most talked about shooting event of early Victorian Britain

Everything to do with shooting is covered here from BASC advise on what to do it 'antis' invade your shoot, to tips from legendary nineteenth century shot Sir Ralph Pyne-Gallwey on the qualities of the sporting gentleman - 'He is kind and generous to keepers, though never familiar, and is devoted to dogs...'

Modern day shots are also covered and there are gems from the late Sir Joseph Nickerson such as 'A lady begins to know she is shooting well when the men stop telling her that she is.' There are also plenty of shooting anecdotes from across the Atlantic with profiles of keen shots such as rock star Ted Nugent - 'my idea of fast food is a mallard' - and George Ligowsky who invented the clay pigeon after watching children skim sea shells at Coney Island.

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