Harris Tweed Green Herringbone Fabric and Authenticity Labels

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Harris Tweed Green Herringbone Fabic in choice of sizes, woven by hand in the Western Isles of Scotland

Cuts of this traditional 100% wool fabric are ideal for small craft projects, purses, hats, scarves, wallets etc

All purchases are cut from 150cm width fabric

Harris Tweed label/s of authenticity supplied with each purchase (amount / type of label/s is dependent on size of fabric purchased, please see below)

100 x 150cm (Includes 4 large general purpose labels, 2 small general purpose labels & 1 accessory label)

100 x 75cm (Includes 4 large general purpose labels)

50 x 75cm (Includes 2 large general purpose labels)

50 x 30cm (Includes 2 small general purpose labels)

25 x 30cm (Includes 1 accessory label)

Should your label requirement be any different to the above please ask and I will try to accommodate your needs.

Label Sizes: General Purpose Large 6 x 6.5cm, General Purpose Small 4.5 x 4.2cm, Accessory 3.1 x 3cm

To this day, Harris Tweed is the only fabric in the world protected by an Act of Parliament. This states that it must be made 'with 100% pure virgin wool, dyed, spun and finished in the Outer Hbrides and woven by hand by the Islanders in their homes on the Islands of Lewis, Harris, Uist and Barra.  

Please note: Due to the unique nature in the way Harris Tweed is made there may be some slight variations in the shade between the item picture and the purchase you receive

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