High Impact Map Compass

High Impact Map Compass

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Deluxe Compass

  • High impact plastic construction
  • Luminous pointer
  • Ruled base (Measures length and distance)
  • Magnifying glass
  • Lanyard

How to use a map compass with ruled base (measures length and distance)

1)Place the compass on a map with ruled plastic edge along the desired line of travel. Rotate the capsule until the 'N' on the compass dial points to magnetic North on the map.

2)Pick up the compass and turn your body until the red end of the needle points to North on the compass dial. The 'direction of travel' arrow in the base now points precisely to your direction. Choose a landmark or a sport in this direction. Walk to the lanmark without looking at the compass. Choose a new landmark and repeat the procedure until you reach your destination.

The compass has a 2 year warranty

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